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Your place of business is a window to your clients – a really big picture window. Why not make sure your windows – and custom glass products – reflect the integrity and depth of your business in the best possible light? Successful business people dress for success and present themselves professionally in dress and appearance. Let the team at Vancouver Glass help dress your business for success – with custom commercial glass products.

We help bring your vision and the professional presentation of your business and its products or services to life through these commercial glass applications:

  • Custom Showcases: Show off your products with sparking glass creations and protect them from dust and other elements as well as theft
  • Custom Sneeze Guards: Protect your products but show them off at the same time
  • Glass Barriers: Buffer the sound of clients and staff or protect your products
  • Glass Shelving: Custom displays of glass shelving to make your business sparkle and your products shine
  • Glass Railings: Safety and beauty rolled into one for the interior of your business to create sections or departments, edge a staircase or loft area, or create an outdoor patio
  • Commercial Storefronts: Create the best first impression to your clients with an updated, safe and crystal clear reflection of your business
  • Doors: If your current budget doesn’t allow a complete refit of your entire storefront – start smaller with your entrance door and give it a facelift with a new custom glass door.
  • Cabinet and Closet Doors: You need storage space within your business but you’re tight for space, or you need to store and display product at the same time. We can build custom commercial glass cabinet and closet doors that will maximize your renovation dollars and increase the functionality of your space.
All Vision Systems

Interested in taking your storefront to a whole new level? Perhaps the neighborhood around you is enjoying a revival of sorts. New, trendy stores are moving in and you want to fit in right alongside them. These stores are going to draw new clientele to you as well and the smart business owner in you wants to make sure you’re ready to feed off the new additions to the neighborhood.

You’ve heard the term all vision systems thrown around when describing new or renovated storefronts but what exactly are they and what are their benefits? Vancouver Glass can guide you through their benefits:

  • A clean and modern esthetic
  • Elevate the level of design to one that is more contemporary and 21st century
  • Minimal fittings for an uncluttered, sophisticated look
  • Offer unobstructed views

And their options:

  • All vision systems can be individually sized in height and width
  • Customized to meet your individual needs
  • Variety of finishes are available to coordinate or match the design scheme of your storefront
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Brass

No matter what type of business you’re in, there is unquestionable immediate and long term value in putting your best foot forward when your customers visit you. Your best “foot” is your storefront windows and potentially an all vision system for it. The clarity, style and unfettered view into your store from a professionally installed all vision system is an advertising and marketing strategy that never sleeps. Yet the investment and opportunity to make a tremendous first impression in a physical sense to your customers may fly under your radar. Put your storefront windows and your business on the map with a beautiful reflection through an all vision system by Vancouver Glass.

Flush Glazed Systems

You’re ready to give your storefront its much needed makeover. You’ve called in the experts of Vancouver Glass and are exploring your options. We want to simplify this process for you and break down the choices in plain language.

A flush glazed system, for example, is a reliable option with dependable performance for your storefront renovation or new installation. This commercial storefront option ensures a seamless appearance. The visual advantage of this cannot be over stated. It creates a clean line, modern look to your storefront that does not have frames or seaming to detract the eye. You’re taking this project on because you recognize the value of having a sparkling window into your business for the public at large. You understand that any opportunity to lessen distractions of with windows fittings and seams on your storefront should be embraced. You want the public’s eye drawn to what is on display in the windows or the activity inside. Your goal is to draw them into your store. Let them see, without distraction, the beauty of your products or your customers enjoying the delicious food of your café.

A flush glazed system isn’t just for looks and style. There are energy savings to be had as well. There’s no disputing the benefit of a little more money to your bottom line at the end of the month versus higher heating costs. A flush glazed system can do just that.

It is also true that its perimeter moldings being flush with the surrounding setting provide a modern, clean look but it also provides a wider viewing area and more light to enter your space. If your commercial space is focused on the display and sale of products, more light means better visibility and will translate into better sales. If your space is a café or restaurant, your lightly is exceptionally important to your bottom line – sunny and bright during the day is what will bring people in and keep them coming back. Whatever your business, Vancouver Glass wants to help you keep your customers coming back.

Door Replacement

The entrance door of your business is the first piece of your business that physically touches your customers. It needs to be crystal clear. It needs to be safe. It needs to be a great reflection of your business to the outside world while keeping your products and premises safe on the inside. When it is compromised or damaged, a glass door replacement for your business can’t wait for a special order. It can’t wait for a glass shop that doesn’t have the resources or materials to take care of it right away. At Vancouver Glass, we can take care of your glass door replacement without delay. Our team will be onsite within hours, often with the replacement door already with us to swap it in. We make the swap with minimal disruption and the utmost in professionalism.

Perhaps though, you’re interested in turning lemons into lemonade? A bad situation into a good one? The accident or vandalism that prompted the need for glass door replacement can also provide an opportunity to update that all important first impression of your business. A circumstance that was previously seen as unfortunate can turn around in a heartbeat. One of our professional installers can visit your storefront or commercial premises and take you on a quick tour of options that you may not have otherwise considered. You don’t have to replace your door with the same old, same old. Why not think out of the box and allow us to take you through those choices with integrity and skill.

Consider additional choices and features when approaching your glass door replacement. Some examples of which are:

  • Tinting or glazing
  • Integral blinds
  • Low Emissions glass
  • Frameless doors
  • Mag Locks

You only have one chance to make a great first impression. Why not make it the best first impression possible with a quality glass door replacement from Vancouver Glass.

Magnetic Locks

They have a look that is so chic, they can’t possibly be strong? With their minimalistic design, they can’t possibly stand up? Oh yes they can. How can mag locks possibly have the strength and security of a traditional door locking system with such little hardware in a contemporary package? It’s in the magic of the magnets.

These locking devices use the science and strength of electromagnets within each mag lock. The electromagnet is attached to a door or gate frame and attracts itself to a plate installed on the opposite surface to keep the door securely shut and locked. Its strength stands up to traditional locking devices but has no interconnecting parts. A mag lock uses the magic combination of magnets and electricity but costs less than a traditional light bulb to run. In the event of a power failure to your home or premises, each unit has a backup power supply from a battery pack to ensure short term security of the entrance.

Magnetic locks can provide all sorts of advantages and features that conventional lock and key systems cannot:

  • They can be mounted in a variety of ways
  • Offset strike
  • Inswing
  • Outswing
  • Concealed for improved security and appearance
  • They can have a circuit board installed that controls them and offers a multitude of functions
  • Audit trails of who is coming and who is going and when
  • Multiple users with different levels of access
  • Multi door control
  • Forced door or propped door alarms
  • They can have a greater holding force (typically up to 2500 lbs or more)

If you want to elevate the level of your storefront, commercial building entrance or office reception or even your ultra modern residence, consider the installation of a mag lock system along with beautiful, yet functional and secure, glass doors from Vancouver Glass.

Window Replacement

Security and Service are the cornerstone qualities that you look for when you sourcing a glass and window provider for your business. You need a shop that can deliver a window replacement for your commercial application without delay. A shop like Vancouver Glass has the resources and product to come through in a pinch. Rarely is there time to plan for the replacement of a storefront window. Unfortunately, the need to replace it usually comes without warning and is the result of accident, vandalism or attempted burglary. There is no room for delay in service delivery where you are concerned.

In an urgent situation, we can have someone onsite to your Vancouver business to assess the damage to your storefront window(s). We’re going to give you peace of mind that the replacement will be handled with skill and immediacy. You have enough to think about at a time like this without questioning the replacement of your storefront window. We’re going to walk you through the options of replacement with clarity and integrity. Our team can then spring into action as soon as measurements are taken. Our first priority is to get you back to business with minimal disruption and no headaches.

With a team that is as experienced and well rounded as ours, we have the ability to fulfill your urgent service and replacement needs. At Vancouver Glass, we understand your urgent need and are poised to deliver. We also have the resources and contacts to be able to quickly fulfill most storefront window replacement orders, big and small, more quickly and expertly that most of our competitors. You’ve already spent the balance of one night camped out in your shop after the damage was done. You can’t afford the continued security breach or the strained back that may result from another night slept in your office. Our team wants you to be able to rest easy.

Design & Planning

Don’t kid yourself! First impressions do matter – whether you’re on a first date or walking into a business for a first time. If you really want to have a second date or capture a new client for your business, you need to put your best foot forward. So, let’s face it – looks matter. Whether you’re a middle aged accountant or a commercial real estate office, how you present yourself in those first few seconds to someone who has potential – a date or a client – can seal the deal. And because first impressions can last a long time, possibly even a lifetime, you want to carefully design and plan how to make the best one you can.

You want to capture new clients and impress returning ones. You know there are commercial improvements to be made, either in function or design, or both. You’re just not sure how to execute it or where to start. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You’ve had clients comment that they had a hard time finding you.
  • Although your business isn’t open in the evening, it’s located in a neighbourhood that gets a lot of pedestrian traffic at night. You want to capitalize on this but don’t know how.
  • You’ve added to your lines of business or products and need to showcase them, display them or protect them.
  • There’s been a rash of snatch and grab robberies to businesses in the neighbourhood or goods that are vulnerable to this kind of crime. You don’t want to be the next target.
  • A retail consultant has a new design plan and has advised you to change the layout of your space to maximize your products per square foot. Now, you need to put the design into a plan of action.
Replacement & Repair

Can you can see clearly now that the rain is gone? The view out of your window isn’t looking so clear anymore. Something has compromised the integrity of it (beyond the Vancouver rain):

  • Fog or excessive condensation between the panes
  • A crack or chip
  • Completely shattered and laying in pieces
  • Hard to open or close
  • Excessive draftiness or loss of energy efficiency
  • Painted older home’s windows painted with lead based paints
  • Leaky windows can lead to mold and mildew problems

In most cases the best results of the first three compromises above need to be resolved through windows replacement. Our Vancouver Glass team will make your window replacement a priority and help guide you through your choices.

Home repair is sometimes just a matter of maintaining your property value. But sometimes, accidents happen. Windows get broken and damage is done. When your home has been compromised – either by accident or intent – setting it right again is the only thing you can think about. At Vancouver Glass, we understand and consider your home’s window replacement a priority. We wouldn’t want our home to be without a window for a moment longer than it has to be. Likewise, we don’t want your home to be without a window either.

In recent years, home repair television shows have highlighted the perils of improperly installed windows or windows of a certain age and the risk to our families’ health. Allergies, asthma and chronic breathing problems can be directly attributed to environment factors within your own home. If you’re looking for peace of mind through an assessment of the overall health of your home’s windows, give us a call. We are happy to review your home’s overall window replacement needs with you. We conduct our reviews with integrity so you never have to worry about being oversold or the wrong product or something you don’t need.