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Glass – it can be the jewel of your décor interior with an opaci-coating. Whether the interior you are working with is a stunning and dramatically designed hotel lobby or is your own personal haven’s ensuite bathroom, an opaci-coat can be a beautiful accessory to your décor scheme.

The application of an opaci-coat to the glass in your décor project is a water based silicone coating that can be applied in a variety of ways. It can be sprayed, curtain coated or roll coated depending on the project. Because of the flexibility of its application, it can be applied to any flat, curved, bent or blocked piece of glass. One of its many application advantages is that it can also be applied without heat. The myriad of application options mean that it can be easily touched up and maintained after installation in the field without having to be removed and taken back to the shop. For the installer, it is a dream product to work with because it is lead free and completely safe to use on a regular basis.

The use of opaci-coat is not only a beautiful addition to your design scheme but a practical and durable one. It offers superlative glass protection by creating a rubber-like film for fall out protection and safety glazing. Among other things, this eliminates the need for additional taping.Jewels come naturally in a rainbow of colours. Likewise, does the highly durable and flexible opaci-coat glass finish. Your colour options are virtually unlimited as are your design options. Opaci-coat can be tinted to virtually any colour and can be simply tinted or made to be reflective depending on your design application. This product is colour fast and reliable for tinting to match the paint colours used in your overall décor scheme. Its reliable colour matching stems from the sample and batching used by way of computer technology. The team at Vancouver Glass would be happy to walk up through photos and shining examples of our work with the opaci-coat product. You will be thrilled with the flexibility and beauty it can add to your project.

Low Emissions Glass

Sustainable living – these two buzz words are tossed around often these days. Exactly what is the buzz behind these words? When it comes to glass, sustainable living means Low Emissions, also referred to as Low-E, and what it can do for your home or commercial property.

Low Emissions Glass can be the answer to energy efficient performance for your property. First and foremost, it’s clear glass. Although treated specially through one of two different processes to become low emissions glass, there is no noticeable film or distortion to its surface, reflection and other properties. Energy efficiency does not have to come at the cost of good looks and crystal clear reflections. Depending on your application, it is definitely worth considering its benefits and applications through the knowledgeable team at Vancouver Glass.

Untreated glass is by nature highly thermal emissive. Translation? It typically lets an awful lot of heat through it – coming in and going out. Low Emissions glass is typically coated in an offline process with a microscopic film to improve its thermal efficiency and insulating properties. Low Emissions glass coatings can vary in thickness and position on the pane of glass. These variances depend on the application and/or location of the window and dictate its performance.

This specially coated glass allows sunlight and warmth to pass through its surface, undeterred. But at the same time, it keeps the heat inside. During the winter, this ensures the radiant heat that originates inside your space – stays put and keeps you cozy. Low Emissions glass can definitely bring down your energy costs and increase your sustainable living quotient. During the summer, heat from the sun outside, trying to come in through the Low E glass, is reflected away – keeping you and your space cool and comfortable. Once again, during the summer months, particularly in a commercial setting where air conditioning units are installed, this reduces the need to crank them up – reducing your costs and your carbon footprint.

Obscure Pattern Glass

Rain drops, frost, ice, glacier, rain, rainwater, waterglass – just to name a few. These aren’t weather conditions to look out for on the latest t.v. weather forecast. These are a few of the beautiful choices of obscure pattern glass that are available for a pending décor update or renovation. At Vancouver Glass, we stock many choices in obscure pattern glass for your next project. If we don’t have it on hand, we can special order virtually any obscure pattern glass for you. There are several dozen patterns and many tints available to suit any décor.

Pattern glass can add decorative style to your home or office. It brings the sunshine into your space while preserving privacy and security. At home, it is often used in interior walls – either as an insert or as an entire wall allowing natural light into a room that may not otherwise have it. For example, a windowless, interior room can be brightened up considerably with the use of pattern glass. Perhaps you’d love a window above your bathtub but know it’s not really the place for window coverings. This could be the perfect spot to incorporate pattern glass.

Your new commercial office space has great natural light coming in for most of its square footage but your entrance has none. As your clients step into your reception area, you want them to feel the spaciousness, light and warmth of natural light. If it’s in the center of an office tower, that can be tricky. Our experienced team can help you strategically position a sequence of pattern glass panels to bring the outside natural light into your reception area. Your boardroom can be flanked on one side with pattern glass to maintain some privacy for your meetings but stream light into other areas of your office.At home or at work, the applications of pattern glass can add style, texture, light and privacy to your space. We can’t wait to show you the beauty of it.
Back Painted Glass

A chic and modern boardroom table. An interior or exterior window whose purpose has changed but swapping it out isn’t in your budget. A contemporary back splash for your renovated kitchen or even a super trendy counter-top. The applications of back painted glass are endless – let your imagine run wild with the possibilities.

Back painted glass is any glass surface that has had paint applied to one side. Sometimes this is done to create privacy or enhance security in your home or commercial space. For example, in a retail store you may need to create new interior storage space for your products that is partially flanked on one side by a window. You certainly don’t want your storefront image to be marred by an untidy looking storage space – why not consider the team at Vancouver Glass back painting that window for you? It’s a much less costly option that building a wall or partition and leaves you the optimal amount of space.

At the office, the designer of your new office is looking for a custom boardroom table for you or the existing boardroom table that you have is dated and dark. Why not consider a clean, modern glass top for it with a back painted finish. This will hide that dated cherry finish and give your boardroom a chic facelift – simply by adding a back painted glass topper.

At home, your kitchen island is in serious need of a makeover. Its lack luster arborite counter is in desperate need of an update. Everyone is doing granite so why not consider a modern update to yours in glass instead? A back painted glass counter top can be a chic but practical update for your kitchen. We will temper it, ensure it’s the right thickness and finish it with beautifully crafted edges. No matter the application, no matter how wild your imagination is, we are happy to walk you through the stunning options of back painted glass for your home or business space.