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Custom Glass Solutions For Any Project

Retail and business experts agree – your storefront or your place of business is indeed the window into the heart of your company. When you want to attract more clients to your business, make sure you put your best foot forward. First impressions are lasting ones and the custom glass solutions available at Vancouver Glass can create the best first impression possible.

Glass Solutions that can give your business either an instant facelift or a more detailed and planned makeover are:

  • Custom Showcases: If you’re in the business of selling products that are both highly desirable and highly portable, you need a custom show case to show them off but protect them at the same time. You’ve browsed through catalog upon catalog of pre-made showcases and nothing fits your products or your needs.
  • Custom Sneeze Guards: You’re opening a new location and need to protect those delicious sweets that you entice people with at your front counter as they pay for their coffee.
  • Glass Barriers: You want to create a physical sense of division within your business space but need to keep the space open and bright. A solid wall just won’t do.
  • Glass Shelving: Your space is tight and display shelves are needed but putting in wooden shelving is going to make it feel tighter.
  • Glass Railing: In order to create a safe environment for the new loft space that you’ve created, a railing is a must. Or, that new staircase that was put in really opens up the space but a wooden or solid railing won’t keep it that way.
  • Storefront Windows and Doors: The face of your retail business needs a face lift.
  • Entrance door(s): Your new premises need a bit of privacy at the entrance and its doors need a coating to make it happen
    • Adding a finish to glass or windows in your business, to create privacy, open up design and layout changes, protect your products on display, enhance your products on display, and enhance security
Glass Railing

Update your office space with one simple change that’s impact is anything but simple – the installation of a glass railing. Railings on staircases, balconies, interior second stories and office entrances can be a tired reflection of dated décor. Are the banisters made of the honey oak of the 80’s? Or are the railings made from the black twisted wrought iron of the 70’s? Instead, they can be a shining example of timeless décor when replaced with glass railings.

Don’t just take our word for it, look around. Check out your neighbouring business and office spaces. Is there a business that has left a lasting impression on you recently with its clean and contemporary lines? Chances are, their space incorporates glass railings into their décor and function somewhere. Or check out our picture gallery. A quality installation of glass can brighten, lighten and update your space for a nominal but timeless investment.

Here’s a few of the applications of glass railings that you should consider for your space and their benefits:

  • Glass Stair Railings: adds a contemporary feel, and provides safety and security
  • Glass Deck Railings: enhances the exterior of your office space, brings natural light in without blocking it, enhances your view, take advantage of our beautiful vantage point
  • Interior Glass Railings: creates both feelings of light and space, for an open or exposed second story or loft space
    • To delineate a work group or department within a commercial space
    • Benefit from added interior light and space like a shopping mall or collection of stores that benefit from each other’s customer traffic
    • Creates a physical barrier for a physical division for customers vs. staff
    • For an enclosed space such as a outdoor patio or sidewalk café for your restaurant
Glass Shelving

Let your products shine. Display shelving – whether it’s glass shelving or not – needs to both function and show off your products. The better your products look, the better they sell. Seems like a no brainer, doesn’t it? But is glass shelving worth it to you and your business?

You only need to take a moment and try this experiment to confirm these claims. Set one of your products on a glass platter or mirror. Then, in the same light, take one of your products and place it on the surface of a wooden piece of furniture. Which product is your eye drawn to first? Which surface reflects the greatest number of attributes of that product? The hands-down winner is glass. Wood has no reflective properties and does not enhance the sparkle of your product – even if it’s not technically sparkly.

Glass shelving both reflects light and is transparent. Your clients get a much clearer picture of the product while on display. Commercial design gurus contend that glass shelving reflects on the products in the most true and accurate way possible. This builds trust amongst your customers. The reflection of your products is transparent, quite literally. There are no product flaws hidden by the recesses of wooden shelving. The product, its design and beauty are there for all to see.

Lights, shelving, action! Yes, the wording of this time honoured phrase, as used here is askew but its principle is not. Glass shelving allows for the use of light, both natural and artificial, to create drama and attention. There is no better way to get your products the action they deserve than by highlighting them with creative lighting while they are displayed on glass shelves. Your customers may have only come in to look but you want them to look and buy. If the product looks great and is shown in the best possible light, it’s a homerun! Glass Shelving is the only medium that truly allows your products to shine and brings your bottom line some action.

Glass Barriers

The existence of a glass ceiling in the realm of business is perhaps arguable. But there’s no debating the existence and need for glass barriers of other kinds in your business. They are, however, usually vertical instead of horizontal and are never gender related. Glass installed as barriers within your place of business are not only esthetically pleasing but highly functional and practical.

Glass Barriers have a wide variety of potential applications within your business. Not only can they provide an attractive, minimalistic design esthetic to your space but they have practical applications to. Here are a few examples of the type of glass barriers you may consider installing:

  • Full height barriers
  • These barriers are used where the glass inserted will form either part or the entire wall element
  • Free standing protective glass barriers
  • These barriers need to be designed so as to ensure they can be leaned on and pushed against from the top or from the side

When applied to your business, these barriers can provide solutions in these ways:

  • Security
  • They can be installed to product staff or products from intrusion, theft or harm
  • Traffic flow
  • They can create walkways or paths through your offices while keeping it bright with a easy, low maintenance medium that is timeless in décor style
  • Physical organization
  • They can delineate departments or workgroups without adding the physical barrier of a solid wall
  • Strength and beauty
  • They can add a design esthetic to your premises that will stand not only the test of time but the physical tests you through at it

No matter what your application of a glass barrier in your business is, its proper design and installation are of paramount importance. This is not an area where you can cut corners. The safety of your staff and your clients depends on the expert team of Vancouver Glass to create and install this product for your business.

Sneeze Guards

Bless You! You are in the food service business. And while you may consider that a vocation in of itself, you have a food safe obligation to your clients. You need to ensure that your sandwich fixings or counter top baked goods are safe from the many sneezes that may come flying your way through the course of your business day. The phrase Bless You! may celebrate the fact that your heart is still beating or Gusendheit! may wish you good health but neither of these does a pinch of good in keeping the germs off the plate of cookies as they try to entice your coffee- or sandwich-buying public.

One of the best ways to present yourself well to both your clients and the local Health Inspector is to provide a barrier for germs and as a result, thwart the transmission of diseases with appropriately placed sneeze guards. Custom sneeze guards can be installed in a permanent manner or in a portable manner depending on their application and your other store fixtures. They need to be easy to clean for your staff and a helpful addition to your point of sale (POS) counter not a hindrance or obstacle.

The team at Vancouver Glass can visit your business and make recommendations as you add products to your line-up, as you renovate your space or as you build a new one. Sneeze guards should be not only functional for your business but beautiful. The clarity, quality and placement of them have the opportunity to enhance the display of your products as well as provide the much needed barrier for germs. Our experienced team can recommend the best layout and dimensions.

If you want to keep the germs off your macaroons, so your clients can’t keep their hands off them, let us install custom sneeze guards for your business.


Cheaply made or stock showcases used for your business may technically keep your products safe, but they make them look cheap in the process and do nothing to enhance their value or display. Alternatively, having no showcase may make your products more accessible to your clients but it puts your products at risk of dust and other environmental elements as well as theft and accidental breakage by clients or staff. The answer then is the creation of a custom glass showcase that fits your products, clients and application to a tee by the team at Vancouver Glass. You get all of the benefits and beauty of a custom product and the reassurance that this product will serve you well for many years to come knowing it is built for your needs.

You know your products best. You know how best to display and merchandise them, why your clients buy them and under what circumstances you will close the sale. Most people make their buying decisions within the first few minutes – we are visual creatures. If you’ve ever been house hunting or apartment shopping, you know that more often that not when you walk into a place you know instinctively from those first steps in the front door if it’s the one for you. Our job at Vancouver Glass is to help you capitalize on your best opportunity to grab your client’s attention in those first few seconds of stepping in your door. We help you present your products for sale in a sparkling custom showcase specifically designed for your product. Then, you can seal the deal.

Just some of the reasons to consider a custom showcase:

  • Your products are of an unusual size or dimension
  • Your products are at risk of theft or compromise by being touched repeatedly
  • Your products would be difficult to clean if they get dusty or are spilled upon