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Trust the Residential Glass Specialists, Vancouver Glass

Your home is your palace – your sanctuary. Whether you are creating a new vision of your sanctuary through a rebuild, restoration or a décor update, Vancouver Glass has equal love and equal expertise dedicated to their residential glass clients. We do the big commercial glass projects but we love coming home, into your residence, to help renovate or create your sanctuary. Glass products in your home literally let the sun shine in. They, in turn, create the semblance of more space and openness and create genuine light throughout your space. These improvements to your home enhance your quality of life and long-term, they can improve the resale value of your property.

Vancouver Glass offers a full complement of residential glass products – including skylights and windows – that bring the sunshine into your home. Our mirror products can also reflect that sunshine throughout your home and create drama in your space. We offer a host of other items to enhance your home’s style and décor. You’ve just inherited Grandma’s prized mahogany dining table but would love to protect it with a custom sheet or glass. You’re creating a statement coffee table in your living room with an unusual base and want to float a glass table top on it. You’re building your dream ensuite bathroom with steam shower and have a vision in mind where only a custom glass enclosure will do. Our residential team can make all of these dreams come true.

Shower Doors

Custom All Glass Shower doors are the most efficient way to add value, beauty and durability to your home. Vancouver Glass offers stunning custom glass solutions for any environment. Whether you are transforming your bathtub to a stand-in shower, or adding an additional shower door to your existing bathroom, Vancouver Glass can design, create, and install the bathroom you have always dreamed of.

Our experience has shown that many factors are left unconsidered until the very end, and unfortunately that is when many people call us. If you are considering an All Glass Shower door or glass shower enclosure, call before you build, we can work with your contractor to ensure that all structural elements are met. After that the rest is easy. We offer many design styles, material finishes and glass types to choose from. We will help you in your decisions by providing input based on your tile and fixture choices. We want to give you an enhancing shower enclosure that blends into, and compliments, the room.

Cabinet & Closet Doors

Wow! Does your kitchen have the Wow factor? Do you wish a TV renovation show would visit your home and address your tired and outdated kitchen cabinet doors? Kitchen cabinets are one element of your kitchen that dates your décor. It is also one of the quickest, easiest and lowest cost ways to update your space.
In your face? Cabinet and closet doors are quite literally there – in your face. Many, if not most of them, are at eye level. When you walk into a kitchen or a home’s entryway, cabinet doors or a front hall closet door are often the first things that greet your guests as they walk in. What do your current cabinet or closet doors say about your home? Do they say dated or fabulous?

Dark and dingy? Or bright and airy? What does your home’s entrance say to visitors? Short of knocking down walls or punching out a wall to add a window, what are your options? You’d like it to say light, spacious and welcoming over dark and dingy. Good news! A dark entrance in your home can be brightened up with a set of mirrored glass doors from our expert team at Vancouver Glass. Invite us in – we’d love to discuss options in closet doors to brighten up your home’s first impression.
Your kitchen is the heart of your home – even if your meals are often take-out. You know it because every time you have guests over, everyone lands up in the kitchen. Why not update the look of your kitchen with some glass cabinet doors? They can add a stylish design element and can also showcase beautiful glassware, dishes or collectibles. The reflection of the glass doors displays beautifully the cupboard’s contents and adds light and sparkle to your kitchen. Practically, things are easier to find in those cabinets too. Add an element of sparkle to the heart of your home.

As a design element in your home, mirrors provide a powerful punch of light and space. They are, however, only powerful in enhancing the beauty of your space if they are placed with thought and expertise. The idea of placing a mirror in your home to create space may seem like a great idea at the time. That is, until it’s pointed out that it may be reflecting the doorless entryway of your laundry room. Our team has been there. Their years of experience add a consultative approach to our service and can help channel your ideas for the best possible design outcome. We want to help you improve not only the value of your home but the enjoyment it brings to you each and every day.

Custom cut mirrors in your home can be used in some of the following places to add the semblance of space, improved function and the reality of more light:

  • Closet doors
  • In bedrooms; to also act as a full length mirror
  • In tight hallways or entrance ways
  • On the wall
  • In bathrooms
  • Place mirrors strategically to provide a 360 degree view of your head for grooming
  • Swap out a small mirror for a wall-to-wall expanse to better accommodate multiple users
  • In tight or awkward spaces, like an alcove in your entrance
  • In closets or dressing rooms
  • Above a fireplace
  • Above the sideboard in your dining room
  • Opposite a large window – your mirror can replicate the view and beauty of its vantage point

Some of your home mirror applications may be a result of the 1970’s and its home décor trends. You might still enjoy “pink champagne on ice” but are now ready to get rid of the “mirrors on the ceiling” or update the one over the basement bar. Mirrors in your home can be a beautiful design feature and are no longer modeled after the Eagle’s famed song Hotel California. Let the team at Vancouver Glass design and cut a custom mirror for you to create a great reflection in your home.


Let the sun shine in. If you already have a skylight in your home, you appreciate the value of the added light and perhaps letting the fresh air in (if you’re able to open it), that a skylight provides. If you don’t already have a skylight and are updating your home, consider this valuable addition to the window scheme of your home. They can provide sunlight into your home’s interior where a traditional window isn’t possible.

Skylights are really just windows in your roof. We all appreciate that adding or updating the windows in your home is a great investment. The natural light they add, as do skylights, is a given. The opportunity for energy savings through the passive solar heating of a skylight is perhaps less obvious but just as real. Consider that a skylight placed on a south-facing roof can provide tremendous potential for passive solar heat throughout the winter but can allow less desirable heat in the summer as well (shades or glazing can temper the heat). On the other hand, a north-facing skylight can give your home consistent but cool illumination.

Many of the custom options available in a window are also available for skylights. Our team believes in the benefits of glass options for your skylights over plastic glazing. Here’s a few reasons why:

  • Plastics can become brittle and are typically weaker than glass
  • Plastics can be subject to discoloration over time
  • Plastics can be allow ultraviolet rays in which fade your home furnishings
  • Glass has potential for maximum impact resistance

Good planning is essential whether installing a new skylight, or replacing an old one. It’s not simply a matter of knocking a hole in the ceiling. Although skylights allow many of the same benefits that windows do when added to a room, they have special considerations. Vancouver Glass can guide you through these considerations to ensure that your new or improved skylight adds value to your space beyond the cost of installation or replacement.


A glass table top, custom cut to fit, can be the ultimate in protection for your furniture. This applies equally to your family heirloom dining table or the brand new investment you just picked up. Glass lets the beauty of a wooden table top shine through while protecting it against all sorts of perils. There will be no more cause for concern when the dining room table needs to house the latest school science project or the building of the volcano to replicate the eruption and flow of lava for geography class. Your Vancouver Glass experts have you covered for whatever life may throw at your beautiful table.

Perhaps you are in the market for a new dining table and have scoured all of the furniture outlets in the Vancouver area. You might have a unique space that requires a special shape or size. You might just be hoping for something that is not in dozens of other people’s homes. You want something unique and special as a vehicle to serve your family and your guests dinner. Why not consult with us in the creation of a unique custom table top? We can even create a glass base for it. Setting a beautiful custom glass table in your dining room’s centre will allow the light to shine through. This will light up the whole room with the added feeling of both space and light.

There are many other pieces of furniture in your home that can benefit from a glass table top protecting it:

  • Bedroom dresser
  • Dining room sideboard
  • Family room sofa table
  • Living room end tables
  • Home office desk

The table in your entrance way is another perfect example of a piece that will benefit from a glass top. Your keys repeatedly being set on its surface won’t even faze it. Your night side table will rest easy when the change in your pocket lands on it at the end of the day. Look around your home – there are many surfaces that will benefit from or be enhanced or protected by, a glass table top.

Design & Planning

You have a vision in glass but it hasn’t ever been in your line of sight. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You saw mirrors used in a hotel lobby once and thought wouldn’t that be great in my entrance at home on a smaller scale?
  • When visiting your buddy down the street, you saw how their home renovation captured the view of your neighborhood and increased their property value. You want to know how you can do the same thing.
  • Your Vancouver “special” isn’t so special anymore and know that there’s got to be a way to bring it into the 21st century but aren’t sure where to start.
  • These are just a few examples that no matter what your vision is, even if it’s a little foggy, Vancouver Glass has the experience to guide you in design. We aren’t architects and we’re not engineers. What we are is very experienced tradespeople who know glass. Most of us here have made it our life’s work.

We know that when you’re thinking of putting a large showpiece mirror in your entrance, to create an enhanced feeling of light and space, that you may not realize that beautiful piece will reflect the contents of your laundry room or your doorless mudroom. We’ll suggest design options and provide examples of other projects we’ve been involved in. Let our expertise go to work for you. We’ve been there, know what to look out for, and can help you plan ahead.

Just like the highway, with a road sign warning: Caution – uneven payment or curves ahead, improvements to your home rarely follow a smooth or straight path. Being that your home is likely your single biggest asset and investment, rushing into a renovation or even just a home improvement, isn’t the best route to take. We recommend you gather opinions of those in the business and of those who have been there, like the experienced team at Vancouver Glass, to help design and plan your path.

Replacement & Repair

Can you can see clearly now that the rain is gone? The view out of your window isn’t looking so clear anymore. Something has compromised the integrity of it (beyond the Vancouver rain):

  • Fog or excessive condensation between the panes
  • A crack or chip
  • Completely shattered and laying in pieces
  • Hard to open or close
  • Excessive draftiness or loss of energy efficiency
  • Painted older home’s windows painted with lead based paints
  • Leaky windows can lead to mold and mildew problems

In most cases the best results of the first three compromises above need to be resolved through windows replacement. Our Vancouver Glass team will make your window replacement a priority and help guide you through your choices.

Home repair is sometimes just a matter of maintaining your property value. But sometimes, accidents happen. Windows get broken and damage is done. When your home has been compromised – either by accident or intent – setting it right again is the only thing you can think about. At Vancouver Glass, we understand and consider your home’s window replacement a priority. We wouldn’t want our home to be without a window for a moment longer than it has to be. Likewise, we don’t want your home to be without a window either.

In recent years, home repair television shows have highlighted the perils of improperly installed windows or windows of a certain age and the risk to our families’ health. Allergies, asthma and chronic breathing problems can be directly attributed to environment factors within your own home. If you’re looking for peace of mind through an assessment of the overall health of your home’s windows, give us a call. We are happy to review your home’s overall window replacement needs with you. We conduct our reviews with integrity so you never have to worry about being oversold or the wrong product or something you don’t need.