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Can you see clearly now that the rain is gone? An old window can greatly decrease your property value especially if it obscures a view or become a security issue if thieves or vandals view it as a vulnerability. If a crack or chip has compromised the integrity of your window, you may need to replace it completely to ensure the safety of your business or home. If you’re looking for a window repair company in Vancouver, contact Vancouver Glass.

Our weather can cause wear and tear to windows. The age and quality of your windows can determine whether you need full replacement. Typically, full window replacement is necessary when your window has:

  • Fog or excessive condensation between the panes
  • A crack or chip
  • Completely shattered and in pieces

Consult our courteous professionals for your best options. When you’re looking for 5-star window repair company in Vancouver, contact us. We can help when your window is difficult to open or close, there is excessive draftiness or loss of energy efficiency, your older home’s windows have been painted with lead-based paints, mold and mildew have grown from leaky windows, and when your windows need to be completely replaced.

Whether you’re a home or business that needs window repair, check out Vancouver Glass. We provide custom glass solutions for any budget. A small crack may seem insignificant but can lead to avoidable costs as the integrity of your window begins to get worse. Plus, a crack or any sort of damage can make your entire property look unsightly and worn down.

Keep your home or business looking and functioning its best. Whether it’s an accident or an act of vandalism, contact Vancouver Glass for a quality window repair company in Vancouver.