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Are your windows damaged? Has the visibility decreased through the years? If you have a broken window in Vancouver, immediately contact Vancouver Glass. Whether it’s a small chip or completely shattered, our skilled technicians can provide you with options to suit your needs. Both residential and commercial clients turn to us for repair or replacement of broken windows in Vancouver.

Even the slightest damage can lead to very costly replacement down the road if not correctly dealt with. If your view is obscured in any way, it could be both a security and aesthetic issue. Whether it’s an accident or an act of vandalism, if your window has been compromised, only professional technicians can prevent further damage.

If you have a broken window in Vancouver, contact Vancouver Glass for any of the following:

  • Fog or excessive condensation between the panes
  • A crack or chip
  • Completely shattered and broken in pieces
  • Hard to open or close
  • Excessive draftiness or loss of energy efficiency
  • Painted older home’s windows painted with lead based paints
  • Leaky windows can lead to mold and mildew problems

A crack or chip, fog or excessive condensation between the panes, and complete shattering all mean that your window needs to be replaced. Whether you’re looking for better security, clarity, or climate control, our courteous professionals will guide you through your best options.

If your storefront or commercial window has been damaged, you need immediate service to ensure that your business services continue with minimal disruption. We have the resources to ensure timely repair and replacement. We will walk you through your best options to prevent repeat damage. Contact Vancouver Glass today 604-253-7707