As a decorating device, mirrors are a great way to add a shiny new background without needing to renovate your house or to spend on costly decorations. Depending on where you place them, they can either enhance the surrounding area or be the star of the show. When placed correctly, they can make spaces appear bigger and brighter. Great views can be duplicated in order to save you time and money on home decor. At Vancouver Glass, we understand the effect of mirrors and our custom mirrors will help you decorate your Burnaby home the way you want it.

Here are some two mirror shapes and how they can be applied to your home.

Rectangular. Resembling a painting, this type of mirror is great for having a shape that looks like a piece of art. Vertical mirrors can be placed across a window to multiply light and bring in a view of the outdoors inside. Horizontal mirrors are great for filling space above expanses. Hanging one above a mantel creates the image of vastness throughout your living room.

Round. These mirrors are easy to place and can help anchor a room with a point of focus. Place one above a desk for a quick access vanity. Hang one on the wall just by your front door for a last-minute makeup and hair check to ensure that you look great as you’re leaving. Smaller round mirrors are great additions for windowless rooms to add a layer of shine. A collection of small mirrors can even double as a gallery wall for you and your guests to admire.

For your custom mirror needs, look no further than Vancouver Glass, serving homes throughout Burnaby.