Now that spring is here, and sunshine is becoming more abundant, it’s time to make sure that your storefront reflects the true integrity of your store. At Vancouver Glass, we believe that the commercial storefront is an incredibly important part of your business, especially in downtown Vancouver. The front of your store allows your clients the first, initial peek into your business, and a strong first impression can carry a long way.

Ever had your clients tell you that your business is hard to locate? Or do you want to showcase your products? Maybe you want to fit in with the newest trendy stores? We offer services that allow you to spice up your business and make it fit in with the latest trends. We can give you ways to make the aesthetic of your store beautiful, in a way that makes you clients stare in wonder as they browse your products.

In addition to visual beauty, our services allow you to maximize the usage of your space. We offer glass cabinets and doors that can increase the mileage of your space and accentuate your products. Our ability to design spaces with our products will offer you a space that is unobstructed and clean, sophisticated and trendy.

You will find that with beauty comes success. By putting your best impression first, your commercial storefront will do the work of advertising your products for you, without you needing to do anything.

Vancouver Glass operates within Vancouver. For further inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us.