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One of our custom glass products at Vancouver Glass is glass shelving. Glass shelving is a great way to let your products shine. Your shelving, whether it is residential or commercial, needs to be both functional and esthetically appealing. In a commercial setting, proper display shelving can increase the likeliness of making a sale.

Glass shelving can reflect light in a way that other types of shelving cannot. Glass naturally draws attention and enhances the look of your products. The transparency of glass shelving also lets your clients get a much clearer picture of your products while on display.

You can view our Glass Shelving project gallery here. See how our clients have used glass shelving to enhance a space and uniquely display products.

We can create custom glass shelving to fit your needs and suit the esthetic and size of your indoor space. Our custom shelving makes a great accent in any kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or office. Glass brings a touch of elegance and creates an illusion of increased size and depth to a space. Our custom glass shelving can be applied as a floating glass shelf, a wall-mounted glass shelf, or in any ideas that you have for your space. We can cut custom glass in the shape of triangles, circles, squares, or rectangles.

Whatever design you desire for your custom glass shelving, Vancouver Glass can make it happen! If you have any questions about glass shelving, contact Vancouver Glass today at (604) 253-7707.