It’s that time of year again — it’s shopping season. Whether it’s Black Friday, Christmas shopping, or Boxing Week sales, people will be flocking to your business to get the best deals. How are your products displayed? Are they protected? With the increased volume this time of year, it’s a great time to think about how you can both increase sales and protect yourself from theft. Many of the top retailers in Vancouver have custom glass showcases but don’t maximize the potential. The experts at Vancouver Glass will create beautiful and practical custom displays to make your products stand out.

Some retailers choose to get simple glass showcases. While they may offer protection, if they are not custom made to suit the overall aesthetic of your business, they make both your products and business look cheap. If you choose custom glass showcases from Vancouver Glass, you can enhance the look and feel of both your products and store. In contrast, if you choose not to have any glass showcases at all, you put yourself at risk for theft especially in times of high volume. Moreover, dust can accumulate and if you have a lot of products or a large space, it can be difficult to keep your displays clean and products looking their best. Vancouver Glass brings over 60 years of creating custom glass showcases. Custom glass showcases offer both protection and enhanced visual appeal for your products.

Vancouver Glass creates custom showcases that can display products that are awkwardly shaped or sized, protect products from theft or from being handled repeatedly, and protect them from getting dusty or stained from spills.

Whatever your product needs, contact Vancouver Glass for your custom glass showcases.