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It’s February and we’re still experiencing unpredictable weather and colder than normal temperatures. With all the snow, sleet, and ice was your Surrey glass storefront damaged? The smallest nicks and cracks can make your business look unwelcoming or unprofessional. Furthermore, the longer you don’t fix damage to your glass store front, additional damage can occur. Damage of any size can become a security risk and a deterrent to new customers. The smallest bit of damage can potentially be the most costly thing your business faces. As the saying goes, you can only make a first impression once. Vancouver Glass provides 24-hour emergency service to make sure your business is safe and approachable to new patrons and clients.

Creating an inviting business in Surrey starts with your glass store front. Foot traffic becomes engaged when they don’t see your glass store front but focus directly on the business within. You may think that repairing or replacing your glass storefront is inconvenient and costly as you must take time out of your business hours to address the problem; however, it will be more costly if the damage is either a security vulnerability or dissuades customers from coming into your business after forming a snap judgment. We all make quick judgments about things based solely on appearances. Damaged glass store fronts are no different.

Contact Vancouver Glass today for Surrey glass store front repair or replacement. Our courteous and knowledgeable staff are here for you with 24-hour emergency service. We bring reliable, prompt, professional service to each and every job.