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Halloween is here but what’s more scary, the little ghouls and ghosts or the blustering wind and heavy rain? While Vancouverites know that this time of year can be dark and gloomy, it shouldn’t mean that your business should suffer. Perhaps the heavy rains and inclement weather have taken their toll on your windows. There may be cracks or other damage that make your business look unapproachable and unkempt. We all know appearance matters. There’s the broken window theory that says that if a broken window in the city remains unreplaced or unrepaired, it signals that vandalism and other crimes can be permitted because that part of town will remain overlooked. Despite the costumes you’ll see this Halloween, the devil is actually in the details. If your business has suffered damage from a storm or if there has been damage that has gone unaddressed for some time, contact Vancouver Glass for an assessment. We’re Vancouver’s choice for a commercial replacement and repair window company.

Perhaps your window is not damaged but it may have seen better days. You may want an updated look that will also save you money. New windows can save on your energy bill as you spend less on heating a drafty commercial property. Or perhaps something has compromised the integrity of your window. There could be a leak or a crack or a chip that could grow into more damage. Whatever the case may be, our Vancouver window replacement company brings a five star rating and over 60 years of experience.

Whether it’s due to the inclement weather or it’s just time for an upgrade, contact Vancouver Glass for an assessment. Our courteous and knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer any questions.